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SENSEX today | सेंसेक्स 70 अंक गिरा

  SENSEX today | सेंसेक्स 70 अंकों की गिरावट के साथ 60,836 पर बंद हुआ था

SENSEX today | सेंसेक्स 70 अंक  गिरा
SENSEX today | सेंसेक्स 70 अंक  गिरा

Mumbai: At the close of trading on Thursday, SENSEX closed down 70 points at 60,836. NSE nifty closed 30 points lower at 18,052.

The trading in the stock market today started with a fall. SENSEX closed at 60,609 with a fall of 200 points in early trade on BSE. And on the NSE, the Nifty fell 50 points and closed at 18,000.

The Indian trade market opened with a negative trend of 60,485 points with a sharp fall of 420 points due to a sluggish trend in the global market and a 75 basis points hike in the interest rate by the US Federal Bank. However, there was a slight recovery in the market and closed with a fall of 70 points.

The Sensex closed at 60,836.41, down 69.68 points at the close of trading today. Similarly, Nifty closed 30.15 points lower at 18,052.70 on the National Stock Exchange.

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